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Feel good spa in Auenhotel in Tux

Real relaxation with the Stock family and their first-class spa offer

Take a deep breath, relax and feel at home - our many regular guests in Auenhotel know: It is not just the excellent spa offer, with the over 30°C warm indoor swimming pool or the modern spa area that ensure that guests in Auenhotel in Tux can truly relax, but it is also the warmth of their hosts. Only where you feel really welcome, can you really relax. And this means that nothing more stands in the way of you enjoying a healthy and recuperating holiday in Tux.

Our sauna area in Auenhotel offers a Finish sauna, an organic sauna with high humidity, the beneficial herbal steam bath or our infra-red heated loungers – it's the perfect place to be good for yourself. For those who are more sport inclined, they will find excellent facilities in our gym and swimming pool which is equipped with a counter-current system.

Swimming Pool & Sauna

The swimming pool (30°) and sauna in Auenhotel should be an oasis of quiet and recuperation for our guests. Swim wherever you want!
The counter-current system incorporated into the swimming pool (10 x 5.5 m) challenges you to really give it your all.

The variety of different types of sauna refreshes tired minds and bodies, while adding some diversity to your sauna visit.


During your solarium session afterwards you also look after your looks.



Our Saunas


Our Finish sauna. Temperature 80-100°C. Room atmosphere: dry;
The "Aufguss" takes place at the end of the heating-up period.


Organic sauna

The organic sauna is different from the Finish sauna in two ways. The humidity is roughly 45% and so higher, the temperature is lower at around 60°C, and so easier on the circulatory system.

Steam bath & Infra-red

Herbal steam bath

The herbal steam bath: Temperature is approximately 45°C with a relative humidity of 90%.


Infra-red cabin

The heat radiated by our INFRA-RED HEATING PLATES thoroughly warms the skin and the layers of tissue underneath.The warming of the muscles results in an increased heart frequency. This stimulates the body's entire metabolism, and results in an intensive cleaning of the skin and detoxification. The improved circulation activates the body's self-healing powers, reduces muscle tensions and alleviates irritations.

Pictures Wellness in the Auenhotel

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